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Heating Repair Services

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Heating Repair Services

Warmth during a frigid cold winter isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. If your home’s heating system is not functioning properly, it puts not only your family at risk of illness or exposure to harmful toxins but puts your home at risk for frozen pipes.    If you find yourself in the dead of winter with heating troubles – turn to Ravenna Oil & Heating Company for expert furnace repair.

Ravenna Oil & Heating Company has been one of the city’s most trusted heating service provider by home and business owners for over 85 years.

Your comfort is our priority: If you experience a heating breakdown we’re here for you. Our experienced technicians are not only certified to work on any make or model of heating equipment, but are trained to respect you and your home. We arrive on time; are efficient, thorough and we will always leave your home as clean as we found it.

We Repair & Service All Makes & Models of:

Oil, Natural Gas, Propane & Electric Furnaces | Boilers | Air Conditioners | Heat Pumps | Water Heaters

Experiencing Heating Problems?

Some of the most common heating problems have really easy fixes. Before you call our professionals, check to see if your system is suffering from some of these common issues:

Check Your Thermostat

It may seem obvious, but sometimes the problem is just a matter of your thermostat being on the wrong setting. Make sure thermostat is on and set to heating before calling for help.

Check Your Pilot Light

Ensure the pilot light is lit. Take caution in relighting your pilot light if it has gone out. If you’re unsure of how to do it safely, give our experts a call.

Check Your Circuit Breaker

Make sure your circuit breaker hasn’t been tripped. This sometimes happens without cause or warning.

Change Your Filter

It’s recommended that you change your HVAC filter every 3 months. Any size build up of dirt and dust could cause an obstruction of airflow. Mark your calendar or set a reminder on your phone to change your filter quarterly whether it looks like it needs it or not.

Make Sure Your Vents are Clean

Dusty, dirty vents can obstruct airflow. Make an effort to clean your vents twice a year to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort.

Ravenna Oil Heating Company is your trusted source round the clock heating services.  Contact us to restore your family’s comfort and peace of mind.