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Furnace Installation

Serving Ravenna & Surrounding Communities with

Professional Furnace Installation

If it’s time to upgrade or replace your existing heating system with one that is more efficient, trust our trained and certified technicians to provide professional furnace installation. We sell and install quality systems by quality name brands like Luxaire that are heavily backed by ironclad warranties.

Want to get the most for your money?  Ravenna Oil Heating Company provides free in-home consultations where we thoroughly evaluate your home, recommending the best heating system to fit your needs and budget.   You can also take advantage of our seasonal rebates and savings along with convenient financing options!

We Offer A Full Line of:

Oil, Natural Gas, Propane & Electric Furnaces | Boilers | Air Conditioners | Heat Pumps | Water Heaters

3 Ways Replacing Your Heating System Will Pay Off

Replacing your heating system isn’t always the best way to go, but there are a few instances when it definitely makes sense. Though the upfront costs can feel hefty, the long-term savings make the decision worthwhile.

Up to 40% More Efficient

Save on your heating bills with a high-efficiency heating system that operates up to 40% more efficiently than older systems. As energy costs continue to rise, this can add up to major savings for years to come.

No More Untimely Breakdowns or Unexpected Repair Bills

Kiss all the inconveniences of having an old heating system goodbye. With a newly installed HVAC system, you won’t need to worry about late-night outages or funny noises coming from the closet.

More Comfortable

Newer systems offer more advanced ways to distribute air evenly throughout your home, helping to eliminate those annoying hot and cold spots.

Ravenna Oil Heating Company is your trusted source round the clock heating services.  Contact us to restore your family’s comfort and peace of mind.